Welcome to Witches Woods Lake!

For the August Board meeting, the Board will hold its meeting at a Board member's home.  You are welcome to attend; ask any Board member for the location.  It is Monday, August 2, 2021 at 6:30 PM. If you have any concerns, please see any Board member.  Stay safe.  

Road Closure

Weather permitting, Precision Tradeworks will be taking down a tree at 78 Crooked Trail this coming Friday, 7/30. The road will be closed for a bit while the crane work happens (between 9-2).


Lake Testing

Microbac Laboratories will be checking the lake for e-coli on August 3rd; this will happen between 9:00 and 12:00.The following four areas will be tested:

Beach on 171 Crooked Trail

Boat Launch on Crooked Trail Ext.

Spill Way Beach on end of Crooked Trail

Beach on Indian Spring Road


Please send any questions to: lake-dam-beaches@wwlake.com

Water Craft
Personal water craft (Jet Ski, Sea Doo, and Wave Runner, etc. are stictly prohibited from  Witches Woods Lake. 
For more information, please click HERE



Please slow down. Remind visitors and workmen that our speed limit is 15 mph.




1.  When dogs are off of your property, they MUST be leashed.

2.  No burning is allowed in Woodstock at any time, other than cooking food on an outside fire.  

3.  Boat paperwork MUST be submitted before placing the boat into the water.




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Lake Treatment Notice Date Change-July 13th

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Witches Woods Board Meetings are typically the first Monday of the month. and open to residents. Please check with a board member for time and place.

Covenants (deed restrictions) are enforced by the Board of Directors. Landowners, as well as guests and renters, are responsible for knowing and adhering to the covenants.  (Recorded Vol. 64/578 - Town of Woodstock)

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