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What's the story with lowering the lake?

The Witches Woods lake drawdowns are scheduled to start on the last Sunday in October.

The lake stays initially lowered until there is a significant frost or freeze.  This usually happens mid to late November, depending on the weather.  This accomplishes two things:  weed kill and people are able to work on their waterfronts.


During the winter, we try to keep the water level about two to three feet below the normal level.  We do this to prevent ice from forming on permanent structures such as stone walls at the water’s edge.

The lake is slowly brought up to full level once the threat of it freezing has passed. This usually happens in early March.

Overall, keeping such a large body of water at a particular level is not an exact science. It involves trial and error on the valve setting.   One major factor is how much Lake Bungee is emptying into Witches Woods. 

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