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Volunteers Needed


We’d like to have a list of volunteers we can call on when we do need a few extra hands for an hour or so to help with a mailing or a small project around the lake or whatever needs doing.

We understand that people are busy and have responsibilities with work, family and other activities. But quite often an hour or two makes all the difference to the small group of volunteers we currently have running the Witches Woods Lake area. So the way this would work is if we need some extra hands, we’d email the volunteer list. If the time listed is open in your schedules, you can stop by, give us a hand and have some fun. If you’re not available, no problem – maybe we’ll see you the next time. There are no strings, no obligation and no guilt. Help us fight "burnout". We want to be around for decades to come!

Please reply below if you'd like to be on our volunteer list.

Thanks, The Board

Please fill out the following form to be added to our volunteer list

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