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Lake Facts

Location: Woodstock Valley, Connecticut

Length: 1 Mile

Width: 1/4 mile at its widest point

Walking Distance around lake: 2.3 miles

Acres: 70.4

Average Depth: 8 feet

Fish Species: Largemouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Bluegill (Sunfish), Pickerel, Calico Bass.

Beaches: Koviciny Memorial Beach – West side of lake; Hutengs Memorial Beach – East side of lake

Water Activities: Fishing, swimming, tubing, water skiing, paddle board, and boating (kayak, canoe, pontoon) 

Wildlife: White-tailed deer, wild turkey, red fox, coyote, bat, gray squirrel, eastern striped skunk, cottontail rabbit, beaver, turtle, mallard, canadian goose, belted kingfisher, fisher, carolina wren, eastern king bird, oriole, ruby- throated hummingbird, red tailed hawk, northern mockingbird, northern flicker, eastern phoebe, song sparrow, blue jay, goldfinch, peregine falcon, blue heron, american bald eagle

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