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Boating Rules

Witches Woods Tax District


Purpose: To preserve and protect Witches Woods Lake by preserving water quality and ensuring swimming, boating, and fishing safety. Compliance with the rules and ordinances as set forth by the WWTD is the responsibility of each WWTD, family, and guests. Any member, family, or guest not complying with the rules and ordinances will solely and personally assume the risk of any property damage, injury or death caused by such non-compliance. All boating, swimming, fishing, or use of beaches is at the risk of the individual and the WWTD assumes no responsibility.


1. All watercraft and watercraft operators must comply with State of Connecticut Boating laws and regulations. No one under the age of 14 shall operate a motorized boat without adult supervision onboard. No one shall operate a motorized boat without a safe boating certificate. Boat operators must not be impaired by alcohol or any other substance.


2. All boats must be registered with the WWTD and display WWTD stickers.


3. Maximum length of boats is 18 feet for single hull boats powered by inboard or outboard motors and 21 feet for pontoon boats. Use of Jet Skis and similar powered watercraft on the Lake is prohibited.


4. Maximum horsepower for boats is 75 horsepower. Maximum speed on the lake for all boats is 25 mph. The Cove is a no wake zone with a maximum speed of 5 mph. In addition, no person shall operate a power boat in excess of 5 MPH between the hours of one half before sunset and 9 am the following morning in the case of weekdays, or 10 am on the following day in the case of Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. Motorized boats operating simultaneously at more than 5 mph shall proceed in a counterclockwise direction around the lake. No more than 3 motor boats shall be operated in excess of 5 mph at the same time. 


5. No more than 1 skier or one tube at one time may be towed behind a boat. All motorized boats towing a skier or tube must have a spotter.


6. All powerboats operating at more than 5 mph must maintain a minimum distance of 100 feet from the shore.


7. All boats shall be operated in a safe manner. No dangerous boating behavior is permitted.


8. All boats that have been used in other lakes must have their hulls cleaned or be out of the water for 3 days before they are launched in Witches Woods Lake.


9. No non-Resident boats are allowed on the lake without an authorization obtained in accordance with procedures established by the WWTD Board of Directors. Powered boats of guests of Residents must receive a written permit to evidence such authorization.


10. During the hours when motor boats are allowed to go faster than 5 mph no swimming shall be allowed beyond 50 feet from the shoreline unless the swimmer is accompanied by a spotter boat or wearing or towing a highly visible safety device.

11. No motorized vehicles are permitted on the frozen lake. 

Safe Waterskiing Endorsement

Effective October 1, 2015, in order to operate a vessel or personal watercraft (ex. Jetski) on Connecticut waters that is towing a skier, tube, or has anyone riding the wake of the vessel,  the operator must: be age 16 or older and have a valid boating certificate from either Connecticut, a state that has a reciprocal agreement with Connecticut, or a U.S. Coast Guard operator’s license and possess a Connecticut Safe Waterskiing Endorsement.
Connecticut currently has reciprocity with New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  
Persons who have obtained any of the certificates listed in #2 (above) prior to October 1, 2015 are exempt from needing the Safe Waterskiing Endorsement.

Beginning October 1, 2015 all classroom boating courses approved by the Commissioner resulting in a Connecticut boating safety certificate will now include the information and testing needed to qualify for the Safe Waterskiing Endorsement.  Upon successful completion of the classroom course, the Safe Waterskiing Endorsement will print automatically when the boating certificate is purchased through the Online Sportsmen Licensing webpage. For additional information from the Connecticut DEEP,  please click here

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