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Building Application


Building and Use Restrictions APPLICATION for Major Improvements

Article Two, Building and Use Restrictions contained in the Witches Woods District Declaration of Restrictions and Covenants Paragraph F states” All buildings and improvements shall be constructed and maintained in compliance with the applicable zoning, health and building codes of the Town of Woodstock, Connecticut, and any and all other governmental entities that have jurisdiction thereof at the time of the undertaking such buildings and improvements. Construction of buildings and improvements shall also be in compliance with these Covenants and Restrictions. Owners shall submit a written application including house and site plans for proposed new homes or major improvements* to the Board of Directors prior to construction for its review and approval. Board of Directors review will be for the sole purpose of determining that the proposed work is in compliance with these Covenants and Restrictions. If the Owner provides the Board of Directors with such documentation and the Board of Directors fails to either approve such request in writing or provide written objections thereto within 30 days of receipt, the necessity for Board of Directors approval shall be waived. The proposed work shall remain subject to all of the terms and conditions set forth in this Declaration.” 

*WWTD Application is not required for minor improvements to include window replacement, interior renovation (unless building use is changing), interior electrical or plumbing work, and HVAC installation. Projects that require WWTD application include new buildings, additions that change the exterior envelope of an existing structure, cutting of a significant number of healthy trees, driveways and lakeside improvements.

Thanks for submitting!

Or fill out and mail the following form to:

Witches Woods Tax District
Attention: Planning and Zoning Director
68 Indian Spring Road
Woodstock, CT. 06281

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