Fall 2020 Dates

  • Week of October 25 

Lake draw down begins.  Please plan accordingly to do your maintenance along the beach.


  • Week of November 15

 Leaf pickup will begin.  Rake only leaves up to the side of the road.  Please be sure you are not placing them into culverts or into the roads.                                                                                                                                              

Algae in the cove updates

November 2, 2020

An Algae Bloom was reported in the lake on September 30.  It was particularly bad at the end of the cove.  Local experts recommended letting nature take care of things over a week or two. As the algae decompose, they will sink to the bottom of the lake and the toxins will break down over time. 


Solitude was scheduled to evaluate the lake earlier in October, but the evaluation was delayed due to issues with their boat equipment.  However, Solitude was able to confirm visually from the shore that the algae bloom was no longer in the lake.


Solitude then did a lake evaluation by boat on Sunday (10/25) and Monday (10/26).  We will eventually get a formal report from Solitude, but the following was their preliminary report:


The lake looked to be in good shape.  There were minor patches of tape grass, thin leaf pond weed, and naiad found throughout the pond.  All of these plants are native and were found at healthy densities.  There were a few globs of green filamentous algae but nothing of concern.  Water clarity was good and no cyanobacteria aka blue-green algae was observed.  No need for a late treatment.


Please any questions to:  lake-dam-beaches@wwlake.com



September 30, 2020

As discussed in a previous communication, there is some Algae on our lake that is particularly prevalent on the cove.  While waiting for Solitude Lake Management, the company that evaluates and potentially treats our lake for algae, to come to our lake and evaluate the algae, we looked for other ways to have our lake algae evaluated.   Fortunately, we were able to find two volunteers who are experts in making algae identifications. 


On Sunday (9/27) the two volunteers were able to take algae samples at the end of the cove, where the algae is most prevalent.  We received their findings on Monday (9/28).  We have been told that our algae is comprised mostly of cyanobacteria, also called blue green algae.  That was what we thought was the case, and our warnings to avoid the lake, particularly where the algae can be seen, still applies.  It is also critical to keep pets away from the water, especially not letting them drink the water.


We have reported the Algae Bloom to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.  Here is some additional information on their website. https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Water/Water-Quality/Blue-Green-Algae-Blooms


Warning signs will be posted at the Crooked Trail beach, and at the two entrances to the lake.


On Monday (9/28) Solitude Lake Management committed to coming to evaluate and potentially treat the algae bloom on Tuesday October 6.  If a treatment is needed it would happen that day.  Solitude would be using Nautique (Chelated copper), which is the same treatment they have used in the past to treat the lake for algae.


It is the consensus of the experts we have talked to that the warm water and particularly the lack of rain are the primary causes of the algae bloom we have.  We have been told that the rain and somewhat cooler temperatures should greatly reduce our algae bloom.  Local experts have said it is not recommended to treat a lake that is in an algae bloom because if the algae do contain cyanotoxins, treating them with an algaecide will break the cells open and spill out their contents into the water. Rather it is recommended to let nature take care of things over a week or two. As the algae decompose, they will sink to the bottom of the lake and the toxins will break down over time.  We will be keeping these recommendations in mind when we meet with Solitude.


Please contact lake-dam-beaches@wwlake.com with any questions or concerns.



Friday, September 25, 2020

We received the following update from Paul Conti from Solitude Lake Management regarding our algae bloom issue.

That looks like a blue-green algae bloom aka cyanobacteria.  Cyanobacteria are not always, but can potentially be toxic if consumed- I would advise folks to not swim directly in it and not allow dogs to drink from it for the time being.  On a bright note, the bloom looks very small and only congregated in windblown coves.  Your water looks nice and clear outside of the blooming areas which is a good sign.  If your entire waterbody was green and soupy, then I'd be far more concerned, but it looks like only a small portion of the water is affected. There is a good chance that the blooms disappear on their own.  The fall is a common time for small algae blooms to appear as the water is constantly flipping and stirring up nutrients due to alternating warm days and cold nights, as well as the increased wind.  Please keep me posted as things progress, I should be able to have someone out the end of next week or at the beginning of the following week.”

We have responded saying people are very concerned about the algae bloom and we would like Solitude to commit to sending someone to the lake next week.  We have not heard back yet on that request.  We will continue to monitor the situation and send any updates as we get them.

Please be aware that some algae bloom has been seen at the Crooked Trail beach and the Bunggee Lake dam.  Please avoid swimming and letting your pets drink from those areas.

Please email  lake-dam-beaches@wwlake.com with any questions or concerns.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Important information regarding the 2020 Annual Meeting

In light of the the Governor's executive orders in force regarding
the COVID-19 pandemic, there will not be an annual meeting in May.
The Board has posted the proposed FY20/21 budget (click here) which translates to
no increase in your taxes.  You can also view the 5 Year Capital Plan (click here).  The Budget and the election of officers will take place at the June Board Meeting.