Witches Woods Lake was treated by Solitude Lake Management on the morning of July 28th.  Solitude treated the lake with Nautique, which doesn’t cause any restrictions on water use.  Solitude concentrated on treating naiad and algae at the north and south ends of the lake.  There was a particularly large algae growth in the south end of the lake.

 Please send any questions to lake-dam-beaches@wwlake.com 

Boat Registrations

Proof of renewal / new boat registrations 2023 for all motorized boats must be submitted to the Secretary or any Board member before putting the boat into the water.  For new boat owners a Safe Boating Certificate must also accompany the registration.  The combination for the boat launch can be received from any board member once all paperwork is submitted.  All boats, including kayaks, canoes, and row boats, must have the Witches Woods Tax District sticker applied to them.

Raising the lake levels

Beginning Friday, March 17, the valve will be opened on our lake.  This will cause the lake levels to begin to rise.  How fast depends on Mother Nature, as well as other factors.