Lake Drawdown

On October 31, the lake drawdown will begin.  It typically takes a few days to lower, but it depends on many factors. 

Leaf Pick-up

Leaf pick-up will begin the week of November 29th.  Please be sure to rake leaves up to the edge of the road, but not IN the road.  Be sure it is only leaves.  No branches or other debris should be included.  Weather is a factor on when pick-up happens.

 Do you need help with removal of docks . . . or can you help?

We are putting together teams of volunteers to help residents remove docks from the lake.  This will take place on  Saturday, November 13. It is for anyone that would like help removing a dock or can provide some assistance. You can reach out to Bill Breslau ( or Glen Humes ( and they will coordinate the time and place.