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Leash Laws

There have been a couple of unfortunate incidents with loose dogs.  It is in the lake rules and regulations that off of your property all dogs MUST be on leash.  Please abide by these rules for the safety of all.

10/12/2022 4/10/2023

There has been a rope swing on Crooked Trail Ext. for many years.  Recently, it appeared to us that the trunk that holds the rope was leaning more to the left.  
Due to this observation, we had a local arborist examine the tree trunk.  The arborist said there was evidence that the branch holding the rope was mainly dead. 
The concern was that someone could get seriously hurt if the trunk snapped while the rope swing was in use.  For this reason, the tree trunk has been cut down.  We know many people enjoyed the rope swing, but for the safety of all, it was removed.


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