Dead Fish on Witches Woods Lake

You may have noticed a number of dead fish on your shores this year.  We have confirmed with the Connecticut DEEP that in Connecticut lake and pond fish kills due to spawning-related stress are commonly observed during the spring and early summer months, mainly May through June. Typically these fish kills affect bass and sunfish, but other species can be affected as well.  Spawning-related fish kills gradually occur over a two to four week period, with dead fish tending to accumulate along wind prone shorelines.

Although this is a natural occurrence, it has become obvious that the number of dead fish this year is greater than normal.  Due to this issue, we contacted a person at CT DEEP who is a fisheries expert.   He said that although the number of fish kills this year is above normal, it is happening in many other lakes in CT and it is not considered a major concern.  He believes that the fish kill situation presents no danger to humans using the lake for swimming and fishing.  We are trying to get someone from CT DEEP to visit our lake at some point.


We also contacted the company that tests our water and they confirmed they have been noticing a lot of dead fish recently across New England.


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Photo by Morgan Schwartz

Important information regarding the 2020 Annual Meeting

In light of the the Governor's executive orders in force regarding
the COVID-19 pandemic, there will not be an annual meeting in May.
The Board has posted the proposed FY20/21 budget (click here) which translates to
no increase in your taxes.  You can also view the 5 Year Capital Plan (click here).  The Budget and the election of officers will take place at the June Board Meeting.

If you wish to join us-

WWTD Board of Directors will meet Monday, July 6, 2020 at 6:30 pm via Web Conferencing. Citizens wishing to join the meeting online will
need to contact President Mike Moran ( for log in credentials.

Information regarding Boat Registrations 


It’s the time of the year to send in your 2021 Boat Registrations & Safe Boating Certificates (for new boat operators) to Sandy Pandolfi at

The combination to the boat launch will be given to you once we receive your information.  For those of you who launch your boat from your property, we also need the same information. For anyone who has not yet submitted a Safe Boating Certificate for each person who operates a motor boat, it is essential that you abide by the State Of Connecticut and Witches Woods Tax District Lake Rules & Restrictions. For the safety of all, failure to comply will result in the owner/operator being instructed to remove their boat from the lake.


Please refer to our for our Water Craft Notice.

           Thank You, Witches Woods Lake Board.


IF YOU NEED INFO ON BOATING CLASSES, please click on the following link for online and in-person classes.